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Hope Bagot Village

Friends of Hope Bagot Church

The aim of the Friends of Hope Bagot Church (a non-religious voluntary group) is to strengthen the feeling of community we share and to widen the circle of people who already value the church and the churchyard, and contribute to their maintenance, or who simply visit and enjoy its peace and tranquillity.

The Friends help maintain the churchyard by allowing the wild flowers to grow throughout the Spring so that the whole churchyard is a mass of colour and at its best around the time of the annual festival in May. The grass is cut in July and friends of the church help with raking up the grass, trimming edges, tidying the graves and in general maintaining the surroundings, including cutting the hedges. In this work Caring For God's Acre and the Stourbridge Rambling Club have become firm supporters over the years. This is followed by lunch on the lawn in the churchyard or the Village Hall, depending on the weather. Thereafter the grass is cut approximately every three weeks until the Autumn with some patches being left to allow late flowering plants to seed. There are over 100 species of wild flowers and grasses and almost as many lichens growing in the churchyard. Joy Ricketts and Claire Leather, who are lichen experts, came from Worcester and surveyed the lichens on the church and gravestones and produced a list of 65 species.

If you would like to support the church and its grounds, or be involved in anyway (whether in the church itself or with the wildflower preservation)  please contact us.